Serial hair thief arrested in Tokyo


Tokyo police have arrested a man suspected of stealing tresses of hair from women commuting on rush hour trains in Japan.

The accused man, 23-year-old graduate student Akiya Yoshida, has been charged with assault after he admitted cutting 35 centimetres of hair from an unsuspecting woman on a packed commuter train in Nagoya, a city west of the Japanese capital.

Yoshida is being investigated for his possible involvement in around 30 similar cases from the past few years, which also includes reports of skirts being cut.

It is believed that Yoshida planned to sell his stolen goods online.

In the most recent incident, Yoshida is suspected of using scissors to cut the hair from the 40-year-old victim. The woman did not notice the assault, as it took place on an overcrowded commuter train during rush hour.

Police have recently upped their patrols in the area a large number of complaints about hair theft.