Shocking footage of Berlin subway attack goes viral

(Berlin CCTV)
(Berlin CCTV)

Warning: Above video contains content that may disturb

CCTV footage of a shocking attack in a Berlin subway station has gone viral after authorities released it online last Thursday.

The video shows a young woman being kicked down a flight of stairs from behind by a young man in an unprovoked attack.

Police in Germany have arrested a man believed to have been involved in the attack, which took place in October.

It is understood he is not the attacker, but one of his accomplices, and is believed to be from Eastern Europe.

In response to the violent footage, a number of campaigns have been launched in Germany in an attempt to get information about the perpetrator.

Speculation suggested the woman in the video was targeted due to wearing a veil, however police said she simply had her hood up.

She suffered a broken arm in the attack, and it has not yet been confirmed if the attacker has any motive.