Slip sliding away: Slow-motion crash on icy Canadian road

(Twitter / @CBCMontreal)
(Twitter / @CBCMontreal)

A street covered in snow has provided the setting for a comically slow pile-up involving at least 10 vehicles in downtown Montréal.

In footage of the crash on Monday morning (local time) captured by a bystander in Côte du Beaver Hall, a bus is seen sliding slowly into four cars that had already collided with one another, pushing two of them onto an intersecting road.

That's followed by another car that managed to manoeuvre out of trouble by twisting sideways - but there was no such luck for the ute that came after, which careened at some speed into the bus.

From there, the calamity simply didn't seem to stop - another bus started down the hill, and despite starting to brake from about 50 metres away, couldn't halt its slow slide into the ute.

A police car, brought in to try and provide assistance at the scene, just added further to the chaos, completing a 180-degree turn before slamming into the back of the second bus - and then a snow plough, attempting to clear the road, experienced the same fate.

No one was injured in the pile-up despite the myriad crashes that occurred.

The clip has proven hugely popular on social media, with CBC Montreal's full length video garnering more than 13,000 shares and 15,000 likes on Twitter.