Sydney's 'cool' city nightlife video mocked online

Sydney promotional video
The video is being mocked as more suitable for teens (Transport for NSW)

Sydney's government is being mocked online for a promotional video that tries to show how "cool" the city's nightlife is.

The video, uploaded to the New South Wales Transport Facebook page, features Jayden Rodrigues - a local celebrity who explores the city's Haymarket area with a crew of friends and a selfie-stick.

They go to the movies, a virtual reality video arcade, a theatre and a restaurant with karaoke.

Many viewers on Facebook soon commented that it seemed more like a night out for teenagers than adults.


"Wait... you can see movies in Sydney?? On a weekend? What a time be alive[sic]," one posted.

With more than a hint of irony, another responded: "Please enjoy this glimpse into your sanitisied, centrally planned, nightlife-free future."

"So now we know what we can do if we're 15; what do the adults get up to? You see, I like bars. I like bands. In bars. Because I'm a grown-up. I can make choices like that. In other cities besides Sydney!" Phil Malcolm commented.

Most of the criticisms referred to Sydney's strict "lockout laws", under which bars pubs and clubs in central Sydney must stop admitting people into venues by 1:30am and stop serving drinks at 3am.

The law, which came into being in 2014, was championed by Australian MP Mike Baird.

"Late nights"? In Sydney? Are they serious? Maybe they've never heard of Mike Baird's lockout," Mark Newton said.

"If this soulless staged commercial isn't proof that we live in a nanny state I don't know what is #keepsydneyopen," Michael Drysdale wrote.