Tearful Taupo woman sent to Bali jail to await trial

  • 01/12/2016
Myra Williams in a cell in Kerobokan prison (Newshub.)
Myra Williams in a cell in Kerobokan prison (Newshub.)

A Taupō woman charged with meth possession in Bali is about to spend her first night in the same prison Schapelle Corby was held in for nine years.

Myra Williams was arrested at Denpasar Airport in September for allegedly carrying methamphetamine.

The 27-year-old had flown to Bali from Melbourne on an AirAsia flight. On arrival police allege they found 0.43 grams of meth in her possession.

On Thursday morning Williams was sent to Kerobokan Prison where the Bali Nine and Schapelle Corby were also held.

Her charges carry a maximum 12 year jail term, or minimum four year jail term and a fine of more than NZ$800,000.

Speaking before she was put into a cell, Williams shared a message for her family.

"I'm sorry, I miss you and I want to come home."

She buried her head in her hands as she apologised to the government.

"I'm sorry to the Bali Government because I didn't respect their rules."

She also said her treatment had been "all good".

Williams was unable to hide her emotions after being locked in the cell. She cried openly while being comforted by her carer.

Williams will be held in the cell until she faces trial. A date is yet to be set.