US Santa arrested on drugs charges

  • 22/12/2016
santa arrested drugs
Geiger, 41, hid drugs inside his suit.

A Florida man dressed as Santa has been arrested for allegedly selling cannabis after he tripped on his baggy pants.

Isaac Geiger, 41, was arrested on Monday in a Santa suit after he was found with drugs under his coat, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said.

He was reported to police for acting suspiciously as he walked to and from a truck in Jacksonville.

After spotting police, Geiger ran from the parking lot, but tripped over his Santa pants in the process.

The Sheriff's Office said he stood out because of his head-to-toe costume, complete with a hat and beard.

Police found marijuana and MDMA on the passenger's seat, as well as a five-gallon bucket containing more drugs, pills and money on the floor.

The Sheriff's Office said Geiger's trading in his Santa suit for a prison uniform in the Duval County Jail.