US vote recount to begin in Michigan

  • 05/12/2016
President-elect Donald Trump (Reuters)
President-elect Donald Trump (Reuters)

A US federal judge has ordered a recount of Michigan's presidential ballots to begin on Monday and directed that the state complete the process by the December 13 federal deadline, according to media reports.

The Detroit Free Press reported on its website that US District Judge Mark Goldsmith had issued the written order early on Monday after a Sunday night hearing in federal court.

Lawsuits have been filed in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, three "Rust Belt" states that bucked their history of supporting Democrats and handed Republican Donald Trump narrow wins in the November 8 election that ultimately gave him victory over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

The Green Party and its candidate, Jill Stein, have said their requests for recounts in those states were focused on ensuring the integrity of the US voting system and not on changing the result of the election.

Goldsmith ordered that, once started, the recount "must continue until further order of this court," the Free Press reported.

The recount, which will begin at noon on Monday, was ordered two days ahead of the two-day waiting period the state had planned to observe from Wednesday.