'We do not need you' - Duterte to US

  • 17/12/2016
Rodrigo Duterte (Getty)
Rodrigo Duterte (Getty)

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has told the United States to prepare for the eventual repeal of a military deal that allows Washington to deploy troops and equipment for exercises in the country.

Mr Duterte also said the Philippines can survive "without American money" after a US aid agency put on hold a decision to fund anti-poverty programs in the country.

"We do not need you," Duterte said in a news conference after arriving from visits to Cambodia and Singapore.

"Prepare to leave the Philippines. Prepare for the eventual repeal or abrogation of the VFA."

Mr Duterte recently admitted he would stalk the streets of Manila looking "for a confrontation so I could kill".

His comments and policies have been strongly condemned by the UN, which wants to investigate.

Reuters / Newshub.