Weather: Brisbane smashed by severe storms

Brisbane has been lashed by storms, tearing off roofs and ripping out trees.

Rescue crews have attended hundreds of callouts after residents were hit by wind gusts over 100km/h, heavy rainfall and large hail.

"It's been a significant storm that left a large amount of damage in its wake but it was not above our capacity to respond," Queensland State Emergency Services (SES) assistant commissioner Peter Jeffrey told The Courier Mail.

"To give it a sense of scope we aren't close to reaching 1000 jobs, and in the past - as was the case with the November 2014 storm - we had over 2500 calls for assistance."

More than 5,000 homes were without power in Ipswich at the storm's peak, and more than 36,000 lightning strikes were reported.

Authorities have described the storms as very dangerous, and warn there are more to come.

"It ranks up there with some of the strongest ones we have seen recently," says Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Julian De Morton.

"We could definitely see some big storms later in the week."