World first TEDx talk in Antarctica

Scott Base in Antarctica (Getty)
Scott Base in Antarctica (Getty)

The world's first TEDx Talk in Antarctica will happen at New Zealand's research station Scott Base in January 2017 to coincide with New Zealand's 60th year on being on the ice.

The talk will see Antarctica New Zealand host a first-of-its-kind event on the continent that will be broadcast around the globe.

Antarctica New Zealand chief executive Peter Beggs says Antarctica is a place that offers a unique perspective to the world.

"What happens in Antarctica will significantly impact the entire planet," he says.

"We have no doubt the speakers' messages will make waves around the world."

The talk will host a variety of topics including raising awareness of Antarctica and the global impact of climate change.

Ten speakers will host the even including a number of New Zealander's including singer Gin Wigmore and award-winning filmmaker Anthony Powell who spent an entire year on the ice and only arrived back to New Zealand in October.

His year-long adventure will soon be condensed into a television show and a series of free educational short films.

The panel will also include astronaut Dan Barry who has spent more than 700 hours in space.

TEDx is an international community that organises speaking engagement around the world that celebrates locally driven ideas.

A talk was held in Auckland earlier in the year that included speakers such as singer Lizzie Marvelly and comedian Cori Gonzalez-Macuer.