World's tallest wave recorded at 19m

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The previous record had stood for almost a decade (Getty)

A giant wave the same height as a six-storey building has broken records as the tallest ever.

The 19m wave was recorded in 2013 by a buoy in the North Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and the UK.

It was declared as the biggest ever on Tuesday by The World Meteorlogical Agency (WMA), taking the title from a 18.28m wave recorded in the same area in 2007.

The enormous wave was the result of a strong cold front and high winds, something that makes huge waves typical in the area, says the WMO.

World's tallest wave recorded at 19m

"It is a remarkable record," says WMO assistant secretary-general Wenjian Zhang. "It highlights the importance of meteorological and ocean observations and forecasts to ensure the safety of the global maritime industry and to protect the lives of crew and passengers on busy shipping lanes."