360 video gives new glimpse into White House

white house barack obama
Viewers see the White House from all angles (File)

If US President Barack Obama needs a job after January 20 he should consider voice acting, if his narration of a 360-degree video tour of the White House is anything to go by.

Mr Obama has lent his distinctive voice to the video as a parting gift after his eight years in office.

"This house belongs to you, and to every American. For eight years, just a short chapter in the long story of our democracy, my family also had the privilege of calling the White House home," he wrote on the official White House Facebook page.

As viewers see the White House in all its glory, Mr Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama give them a lesson on some of the historic rooms in the sprawling residence and his experiences in them.

Inside the Cross Hall, in the north entrance of the building, Mr Obama recalls the time he walked through the room to announce the death of Osama bin Laden as well as an important family milestone.

"I'll never forget being here after my inauguration, starting my new job and moving our family into a new home on the same day. I feel a sense of wonder and gratitude and that never goes away." 

Those who tour the White House will visit the hall where they "take selfies with Presidents past", Mr Obama says.

The virtual tour takes viewers to a number of significant areas, including the Oval Office and the Situation Room.

Ms Obama described moving into the White House as a "whirlwind" and took time to really settle in.

"You don't get access to this house until the day the President-elect takes the oath of office and actually becomes the President of the United States and you feel that way for several months," she says.   

The video was created by Felix and Paul Studio and virtual reality company Oculus.

President-elect Donald Trump is set to move into the White House after his inauguration on January 20.