Animals at Cincinnati Zoo have snow much fun

It's not just school children who love a snow day. For a group of animals at Cincinnati Zoo, it turned the enclosures into a winter wonderland. 

Red pandas, cheetahs and penguins frolicked in the snow as temperatures plummeted in the US state of Ohio. 

For the king penguins, it was their moment to shine and the whole zoo became their stage as they marched through the zoo.  

BB, Larry, Martin Luther, Charlemagne and Kyoto, opted to march in the parade for the crowds. But the other two penguins, Burger and Sloth, got a little stage fright and stayed inside. 

It was the first taste of snow for the zoo's red panda cubs Harriet and Hazel. Cincinnati Zoo told Huffington Post that "red pandas have a natural love for snow and cold temperatures, and the young ones explored the frozen world with enthusiasm!"

The cheetahs, normally at home in sub-Saharan Africa, chased each other around the zoo enclosure with a little more difficulty than usual, due to its unusual slipperiness.