Aussie youths jumping onto new internet craze

A group of Aussie youths have gone to new heights - or lows - for entertainment. 

The newest craze in Western Australia is 'table breaking', jumping from garage rooves, cars and ladders onto various tables to try and break them. 

While it may seem the most dangerous way to get your kicks, 'the Table Breaking Club' is at over 50,000 likes on Facebook and the videos are garnering thousands of views. The page is dedicated to the "love and art of breaking tables". 

Some jumpers are taking the risk of injury even further, by letting their friends lie on the tables below and jumping on to them. It seems an integral part of the new Aussie pastime is to down a beer before jumping. 

"First to get paralysed wins a case of beer," one person commented on a recent video. 

"Makes me proud to be an Aussie" another said. 

While this craze looks to take off in the same vein as the 'ice bucket challenge' and 'the mannequin challenge', it may end up having the same consequences as the 'planking' craze in which several people died. 

A number of injuries have resulted from the craze with concussions, broken bones and even an impaling from a metal table leg piercing a man's skin being mentioned on Facebook.