Aussies' drunken slide ride ends in broken bones

Horrifying video has emerged showing the bone-breaking aftermath of a fairground accident.

In 2015, five drunk Sydney Royal Easter Show workers went down a giant slide - but they wouldn't all walk away.

The workers were drinking at the showgrounds until 12:20am, before deciding to take a late night ride on the slide.

However, they failed to realise that the safety mats had been removed. Furthermore, the rain had made the slide extra slippery - increasing their speed to dangerous levels.

The workers shot down the slide and smashed into the wall at the end. The man filming the carnage shouted at the others to stop - but it was too late. More speed down, adding to the injuries.

A 22-year-old woman broke both of her legs, and a 60-year-old man broke his ribs. Afterwards, their bodies littered the ground, while they moaned in pain.

SafeWork spokesman Peter Dunphy told 7 News the workers should never have gone down the slide.

"The bottom of the ride didn't have the inflatable [crash] mats and that led to them, at speed, exiting the ride and hitting the barriers," he said.

"Video footage also shows that it had been raining, causing the slide to be even more slippery and increasing the speed they'd go down it even further."