Australian airports' high-tech answer to terrorism, long queues

New measures are set to be introduced that will cut down queuing time and significantly strengthen security at Australian airports.

The complete revamp of airport security systems will see passengers able to walk through customs without the need to display their passport.

The changes are expected to streamline the passport and customs check process hugely, with fingerprint and facial recognition software used in place of current identification checks.

It is estimated that for 90 percent of passengers, there will be little to no interaction with airport officials, which will speed the process up considerably.

The new system will be introduced first at Canberra International Airport in July - and counterterrorism experts believe it'll make Australia safer by preventing terrorists making it over the border on fake passports.

The rollout will cost AU$78 million (NZ$82.3 million), and after the trial in Canberra, will be introduced in Sydney and Melbourne airports in November before being used nationwide by mid-2019.