Australian mother gives birth to heaviest baby in Victoria state

An Australian woman in Victoria has given birth to a baby weighing the equivalent of a house cat or even two house bricks. 

Brian Liddle Jnr was born at Mercy Hospital for Women at 9.44am on Monday and weighs 6kg (13.23 pounds).

The child's mother, Natashia Corrigan, said "I never, ever thought he'd be that big." The baby is believed to the biggest born in Victoria.

At birth, the average weight of a baby is about 3.4 kg (7.5 pounds), but baby Brian is almost double this and stretches 57cm long.

"He fits size zero and infant nappies," she said. "We had to buy clothes for him at the gift shop."

Giving birth naturally was a new experience for Ms Corrigan whose three other children were induced.

Just last week, a US woman gave birth to a whopping 6.5kg (14.44 pounds) baby boy.