Awkward New Year's video a fake

sad people on australian tv show nye
The 'contestants' turned out to be production staff (Youtube)

It's been revealed a video showing the "most awkward New Year's Eve countdown ever" was a hoax.  

The viral clip appears to show a group of "competition winners" joining the hosts of Australian television show The Loop in the countdown to midnight. But there was nothing excited about the group as they dejectedly walk on stage, failing to join in the countdown and leaving as soon as the last party popper has been popped.


With nearly 760,000 views on Wednesday afternoon, it was the most-watched video in Australia this week. 

However it's emerged there never was a competition, and the 'winners' were in fact some of the show's production staff. 

The Loop co-host Scott Tweedie revealed on Wednesday morning they wanted to have a little "fun" with their viewers.

"We pre-recorded a week before... so instead of doing the greatest countdown ever, how can we make this as awkward as possible?" he told Australia's Studio 10.

"I called in some of my friends to join us, and the briefing was to do the countdown as deadpan and sad as you could be."