Father of Azaria Chamberlain, infant stolen by dingo, dies

Michael Chamberlain, the father of a nine-week old baby who was infamously taken by a dingo near Ayers Rock in Australia, has died after a long fight with leukaemia.

The 72-year-old fought a long judicial battle to clear his family's name after the incident in 1980, when a dingo snatched baby Azaria from a tent and dragged her away.

The infant girl was never seen again.

Mr Chamberlain's wife, Lindy, was charged with the murder of Azaria, while he was charged with accessory to the fact.

The case, one the most famous in Australian history, made headlines around the world and put huge pressure on the investigating police.

Lindy Chamberlain spent years in prison before new evidence proved her innocence and she was released in 1986.

Michael and Lindy Chamberlain separated in 1991.


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