Big Mac ATM to serve up free hot burgers

  • 26/01/2017
Mcdonalds Big Mac beefburger

McDonalds is launching an ATM that will dispense burgers free of charge.

The machine will offer three variations on the Big Mac, all ordered via a touchscreen.

The one-day-only stunt will take place in Boston to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac and the release of two new Big Mac sizes - the Mac Jr, which is has a single patty and no middle bun, and the Grand Mac, which comes with bigger buns, extra cheese and two larger patties.

"We can't give away all the secrets, but fresh Macs will be constantly loaded into the machine to ensure a high-quality experience," Vincent Spadea, a Boston McDonald's franchisee, told Metro.

Two new Big Macs are being released in the US (McDonald's/supplied)
Two new Big Macs are being released in the US (McDonald's/supplied)

The price? A slither of your social media capital. A Tweet will be sent out with every burger ordered.

Simon Kenny, spokesperson for McDonald's NZ, says there are no plans for a Big Mac ATM in Aotearoa, but "you never know what could be around the corner."

Mr Kenny says in some ways, New Zealand is ahead of the curve on Big Mac variations.

"We have had son of the Mac, Mega Mac, Angus Mac and Chicken Mac over the past few years."

Numerous variations on the Big Mac can be found around the world. In India, where it is illegal to sell beef in most states, the Big Mac is marketed as the Maharaja Mac and is made using chicken. There is also a vegetarian option, made with corn patties.

The Chicken Maharaja Mac (McDonalds/supplied)
The Chicken Maharaja Mac (McDonalds/supplied)

The Giga Big Mac is a Japanese variation on the iconic burger, made with nearly three times the meat of a regular Big Mac. It was released for a limited time in 2016.