Bizarre blurry ham perplexes internet

blurry ham optical illusion (Reddit)
Is this 2017's first optical illusion? (Reddit)

It could be the first online optical illusion of the year - there's more to this shot of blurry ham than meets the eye.

While the meat is fuzzy and apparently out of focus, the same doesn't apply to the table and plastic tray it's sitting in.

It's enough to drive the internet bonkers.

"This actually gave me motion sickness," one person commented on Reddit, where the image was originally posted.

"Okay by posting this you've literally hurt thousands of people," another wrote.

But it's not a poor, out-of-focus photo - the meat has just been sliced incredibly thinly, and the person behind the viral image says it's just as irritating to look at in real life.

"It's due to the fact that the thin slices are slightly offset from each other," they wrote online.

A video posted of the bizarre ham has already drawn the gaze of more than half a million people, most of whom are unimpressed.

"This is the most powerful ham to ever have been created. We must destroy it," one person wrote.