Boy's funeral for turtle cracks hard shell of Reddit

boy has funeral for turtle reddit
The boy constructed his own cross and dressed formally for the solo funeral (Reddit)

Could this be the cutest thing to emerge on the internet this year? 

An image of a child who conducted his own memorial for his turtle is making waves online with more than one million views on image-sharing website Imgur.

It's never easy to lose a pet and this child took the death of his turtle particularly hard. So he took it upon himself to conduct a funeral, all by himself. 

According to his cousin, who uploaded the image, the boy constructed his own cross, dug a grave and dressed formally to attend a solo funeral for his beloved pet turtle - all without his parents knowing. 

One Reddit user commented: "I have two young sons of my own, and I know how deeply they feel and how much they struggle to express their feelings. I think your little cousin is a fine young man with a big heart who just wants the world to acknowledge the feelings he had for his turtle. He's a good lad. Give him a hug."