Brave teens tried to stop Melbourne rampage driver

In the Melbourne attack that left five people dead on Friday, two brave teenagers tried to save the day. 

Cousins Isaac Tupou and Tevita Mahina, both 17, sprung into action when the screeching tires left most stunned. 

They had been to church and were on their way to play baseball. Brandishing their baseball bats, they ran out and attempted to subdue the driver. 

"We just had to take action, nobody was doing anything and he looked like he was going to hurt people" said Mr Tupou. 

"The car came at us, and I stepped to the side and swung the bat and then he came back and chased us off," Mr Mahina said. 

Forced back as the driver showed no sign of slowing, the brave teens are regretful they couldn't stop the 26-year-old driver. 

"I felt bad because I thought we should have done more" said Mr Mahina.

Dimitrious Gargasoulas is expected to be charged with five counts of murder after being released from hospital today.  



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