Brazen thief steals from Melbourne memorial

thief stealing flowers from Melbourne memorial
The thief making off with the flowers from the small memorial (Facebook)

Onlookers were left shocked on Sunday when a thief brazenly stole a bunch of flowers from a memorial dedicated to the victims of Melbourne's Bourke St tragedy.

Five people were killed and dozens injured in the attack on Friday, when a driver mowed down dozens of pedestrians.

The scene of the attack has become a makeshift memorial, but a heartless man was filmed seizing the opportunity to steal a large flower bouquet from the bunches on the ground. 

He attempted to flee by jumping on a nearby tram, but was not quick enough for police, who dragged him off the vehicle.

He was marched back to the memorial in front of shocked onlookers and forced to return the flowers.

Police then ordered the man away from the area. He was left to wait for a second tram, after the original one left without him.