Gold Coast cleaner gets $156k compo for 'sex romp' prank

Two condoms were filled with cream (Getty) brisbane sexual harrassment
Two condoms were filled with cream (Getty)

A Gold Coast school cleaner who was the victim of a sex-related prank at work has been awarded AU$156,000 in a sexual harassment case.

Shane Green brought the case against two work colleagues and his employer, the state of Queensland, after the staff room was made to look like a  "sex romp" had taken place there in 2014.

His colleagues knew he'd be the one to have to clean it up.

A mattress, pillow and bedclothes from the sick room were placed on the kitchenette floor, while cream was squirted into two condoms placed around the room.

A bra, women's boxer shorts, empty beer cans and wine bottles were also scattered around the room.

Used party poppers and chips were also spread across the kitchenette.

"Mr Green was led to believe that the sex romp really happened and that two named staff members at the school had been involved," the decision from the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal says.

It was claimed Mr Green suffered "psychological consequences" and complained to the Anti-Discrimination Commission about the incident.

The defendants denied their actions amounted to sexual harassment.

They argued Mr Green "feigned his reaction" to the prank to get compensation or had "grossly exaggerated" how much he was affected by it.

It was claimed Mr Green was inconsistent with his version of events and the after-effects of the prank.