British politicians celebrate 'Kiss a Ginger Day'

After causing a stir on social media, 'Kiss a Ginger Day' is now a hot topic in the UK Parliament, leaving the House of Commons speaker speechless.

The annual event was celebrated on Thursday, with redheads around the world coming together to flaunt their vibrant locks.

British Labour Party MP Chris Byrant even took a moment in Parliament to wish Speaker John Bercow a "happy ginger day".

While the house erupted in laughter, Mr Bercow looked puzzled - so the strawberry blonde MP added: "I'm sure you can look it up."

Conservative MP Steve Brine was on the frontbench to offer a hand, googling 'Kiss a Ginger Day 'on his iPad for the Speaker to take a look.

"This Kiss a Ginger activity is probably perfectly lawful," Mr Bercow remarked, "but I've got no plans to partake in it myself."