Burger King employees arrested after upsizing meals with marijuana

  • 27/01/2017
burger king cannabis
They were selling cannabis from the drive-thru window (Newshub.)

A Burger King employee and assistant manager have been arrested after a police investigation found they were selling cannabis to customers from the drive-thru window.

An undercover officer went to the New Hampshire fast food location and conducted an undercover purchase, which led to 20-year-old Garrett Norris and 19-year-old Meagan Dearborn being arrested last weekend.

Police say prospective weed-buyers would pull up to the drive-through and ask for Norris by his nickname - "Nasty Boy".

If he was working that shift they would ask for french fries done "extra crispy" - a code word for wanting marijuana.

Norris would then put the herb in a separate cup for the customer.

He has been charged with sale of a controlled drug and possession of controlled drug with intent to distribute.

Dearborn has been arrested on charges alleging conspiracy to distribute drugs and unlawful possession of alcohol.

They will appear in court on February 22.