Cafe bomb attack foiled in Beirut

  • 22/01/2017
A lone police car stands guard as aerial and ground firemen battle a building fire in light snow.

Lebanese security forces have foiled an attempted suicide bombing at a cafe in Beirut's busy al-Hamra district late, a security source says.

The suspected bomber was stopped while wearing an explosive vest as he attempted to enter the cafe and before he was able to detonate it, the source said, adding that he was injured during his arrest and taken to hospital.

Militants have carried out a number of bombings in Lebanon in recent years including some motivated by the war in neighbouring Syria, but no major incidents has taken place for months.

Attacks in Lebanon risk widening sectarian fissures that lay behind the country's 15-year-long civil war which ended in 1990 and that have been aggravated by the war in Syria.