Chinese man cycles 500km in the wrong direction

china cyclist wrong direction
The cyclist couldn't read, and people gave him the wrong directions (file)

A man has cycled more than 500km over 30 days in a quest to get home for the Chinese New Year - only to discover he was going the wrong way.

The young migrant worker wanted to go from the city of Rizhao towards his home in Qiqihar - more than 1,700km away.

But he was too poor to afford a train ticket, and decided to cycle instead.

Unable to read maps or road signs, he relied on people he met to give him directions. Unfortunately, most of these were wrong.

Traffic police stopped the man heading south along a motorway in the central province of Anhuim, 500km off-course.

He said he had been living in internet cafes along the way, and was running out of money.

But there was a happy ending to his quest. Police and local workers reportedly paid for his train ticket home.