Criminal underbelly: Melbourne crim shot in the penis in drive-by

  • 20/01/2017
police melbourne penis drive-by

A man has had part of his penis shot off in a drive-by shooting in Melbourne.

Police say he was shot three times outside a shopping centre.

The gunman and up to three other accomplices, who were in a white or cream car, have not been found.

The victim, Omar Tiba, 27, is a member of a Melbourne crime family. Several of his relatives have convictions for serious violent offences.

The shooting took place at Campbellfield Plaza about 9.30pm on Tuesday.

A shopping centre guard heard the gun shots and ran outside, where he found the man on the ground with three wounds, including to his penis, Channel Nine reported.

"I think it was his wife or his partner, holding him. She was holding his head and crying, and just asking for help," a colleague of the guard said.

There were other adults and children in the car park at the time of the shooting and shoppers ran to their cars for safety.

Mr Tiba was in a stable condition in hospital.