Donald Trump's armoured car to debut at inauguration

Donald Trump
Donald Trump addressing people from the step of his car (not the presidential Cadillac) in Florida (Reuters)

Donald Trump's inauguration will also be the public debut of his new limousine: complete with emergency blood supplies and a tear gas cannon.

Mr Trump's Cadillac One - which under Barack Obama was nicknamed 'The Beast' - is an updated version of the former president's transportation.

It will be loaded with tear gas cannons, a shotgun, and bottles of the president's blood type.

The Trumpmobile's doors and windows are designed to withstand bullets and chemical attacks.

The bottom of the vehicle is plated with steel to protect it from roadside bombs. There's also an oxygen tank in the boot if fresh air needs to be pumped into the cabin in an attack.

The armour makes the car so heavy that Mr Trump won't be able to open the doors from the inside by himself. It will be much like Mr Obama's car, which weighed eight tonnes and was described as a "Caddy on a tank frame".

Barack Obama in Cadillac One
Barack Obama in Cadillac One (Getty)

General Motors was reportedly paid US$15m (NZ$21 million) to make the vehicle.

But it's not the first custom-made Cadillac for Mr Trump. In 1988 the car manufacturer exclusively made him a 5.0 litre limo with rosewood interiors, a fax machine, TV and VCR, a paper shredder and a liquor cabinet.

No doubt there'll be plenty of secret features in Mr Trump's new Caddy, but one expected update will be the communications equipment, Autoweek says.

Not only is the car's body bulletproof but so are its tyres. They're covered in kevlar and have metal rims strong enough to drive on if the tyre does get destroyed.

For an inside view of Cadillac One, the recent episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee features Barack Obama showing Jerry Seinfeld his ride.

"I could call a nuclear submarine right here - It's a cool feature," he says.