Donald Trump stand-in 'sworn in'

With the stage set for President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration, officials have been practising with a pretender-in-chief to make sure everything goes smoothly.

The man, holding a handwritten sign with the word TRUMP on it, swaggers down to the stage at Washington DC's Capitol in his best attempt at Mr Trump's gait.

He's told to wave to the crowd; he does so with a Trump-style thumbs up before being led to the where the podium will be on January 20 (US time).

In the real ceremony, Mr Trump will put his hand on two Bibles - his childhood one and the Lincoln Bible.

But his stand-in uses a piece of paper held up by 'Melania' - a man with a handwritten sign taped to his puffer jacket - as he raises his right hand to take the oath of office.

The real swearing-in will take place from 5:30am on Saturday (NZ time).