Donald Trump to meet Queen in United Kingdom


Britain's Queen Elizabeth has invited US President Donald Trump for a state visit later this year and he has accepted, British Prime Minister Theresa May says.

Ms May was speaking at a news conference in Washington on Friday during the first visit to the White House by a foreign leader since Mr Trump's inauguration a week ago.

People on Twitter have been quick to respond to the news by reposting a 2012 tweet from Mr Trump, where he said: "Kate Middleton is great--but she shouldn't be sunbathing in the nude--only herself to blame [sic]."

On her first visit to the United States as Prime Minister, Ms May called the start of Trump's term "a new era of American renewal" - but firmly rejected the president's suggestion that torture might be acceptable, and rebuffed some of his foreign-policy views.

Ms May flew to Philadelphia a day before holding talks with Mr Trump at the White House and becoming the first foreign leader to meet the President since his inauguration.

Ms May is seizing the opportunity to bolster the trans-Atlantic "special relationship" and work toward a US-UK free trade deal after Britain leaves the European Union.

Ms May praised Mr Trump's dedication to fighting violent Islamic extremism, but seemed to reject his suggestion for a ban on immigration by Muslims. She once called the idea "divisive, stupid and wrong".

"We should always be careful to distinguish between this extreme and hateful ideology, and the peaceful religion of Islam and the hundreds of millions of its adherents," she said at the Republican gathering.

Ms May acknowledged the need to work with Russia to end the war in Syria, but drew applause when she cautioned that the West's approach to President Vladimir Putin should be "engage but beware".

Her carrot-and-stick approach to Mr Trump is politically risky. She is under fire at home for seeking to get close to a president who has committed to building a Mexican border wall, moved to pull the US out of international trade treaties and said he thinks torturing terrorism suspects works.

Reuters / Newshub.