Dying teen tasers cops as part of bucket list

A terminally ill teenager has fulfilled a shocking lifelong dream - of getting to taser a group of police officers. 

Alyssa Elkins,16, has leukemia and recently decided that instead of undergoing a second round of treatment she would make the most of the few months she has left with a goal to complete her bucket list.

Several officers of Newark Police Department in Ohio stepped up to the plate to volunteer for the cause. They lined up in front of the 16-year-old, who dressed in a police uniform and zapped each of them in turn. 

Alyssa made the unusual request after remembering a video that made her laugh of her uncle, a State Highway Patrol trooper, being shot with a taser during his training.

After previously undergoing four months of treatment for leukemia, she found out this month that the illness had returned and that she only has a few months to live. 

Other wishes on her bucket list include going to Disneyland, designing her own wedding dress and mining for diamonds.