Europe gripped by deadly winter

A wave of heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures is sweeping across Europe, leaving a trail of death in its path.

At least eight people are dead in southern Italy from the cold, which saw the iconic fountain in St Peter's Square freeze over.

Pope Francis urged people to help the homeless community who are most at risk.

"I invite you to think of all the people who live on the street, beaten by the cold and many times also by indifference. Unfortunately, some of them have not made it," he said.

In Poland, at least 12 more died when temperatures plunged to below -20 degC. 

Refugees in Greece on the island of Lesbos are even more vulnerable than before, with their makeshift homes little comfort from the cold. Serbia's refugees huddled around outdoor fires in sub-zero temperatures - perhaps warmer than the warehouses where they sleep.

Turkey hasn't escaped the weather either, with multiple accidents on treacherous roads and hundreds of flights cancelled.

In Romania, the Black Sea has frozen for the first time in five years, and the Vistula River in Warsaw is covered in ice.

The icy temperatures and snowfall stretch as far as Belgium, and are forecast for Britain by the end of the week.

ITV News