Europe's refugees dying in winter freeze

The perils facing migrants and refugees to Europe, especially children, grow harsher all the time.

Winter has swept across the region, bringing snow and freezing temperatures, and the United Nations has warned they are dying of exposure.

Greece is the main focus of concern, with 15,500 migrants camping in freezing temperatures across Lesbos, Chios and Samos.

In Serbia, over 7500 people are stranded. Some 1200 are sleeping rough in Belgrade alone, 300 of them unaccompanied minors.

And there are reports of inadequate winter shelter for 6000 migrants in the freezing camps of Turkey.

In the cold Balkan winter, some migrants and refugees in Belgrade have made do in an old railway warehouse, burning railway sleepers for warmth.

Without fire, they'd die of cold - but burning the sleepers has its dangers too.

It's not easy to sleep, it's not easy to do anything, and they make do with what they can find.

It's no place to live in the icy weather, yet they have nowhere else to go.

They're Afghans and Pakistanis, men and boys, highly unlikely to get refugee status in Europe.

For them there's no way forward - and it would be a long, dangerous, cold journey back even if they were willing to take it.

The Pakistanis fear that if they accept warmer temporary accommodation which has been offered, it's a prelude to being deported.

And so they sit, and shiver.