Ferrari destroyed in attempt to impress woman

A 26-year-old man has destroyed a $500,000 rented Ferrari after taking it for a high-speed joyride to impress a girl.

Dash-cam footage posted to YouTube by the Oxotic Driving Experience company shows the over-excited driver taking his female passenger for a drive in Colorado.

The man - who apparently normally drives a Subaru WRX STi - finds the Ferrari's extra power exhilarating.

"This is really fast!" she shouts, as he speeds along the windy mountain road.

She warns him to be careful - but the testosterone goes to his head, and he floors it around a corner.

His passenger screams in panic as the Ferrari crashes into a barrier, writing off the extremely expensive supercar.

"F***, f***, goddammit. I bet I just lost my license," the driver says in anger.

Posting the video online, Oxotic wrote: "Some dudes just can't help themselves when they have a lady sitting shotgun I guess?"