Fifty pole dancers feature at Taiwanese politician's funeral

The funeral for a Taiwanese politician has become a Chinese internet sensation after the procession featured 50 pole dancers.

Videos of the Tuesday procession show women dancing atop 50 jeeps in the southern city of Chiayi.

The funeral was for a local politician named Tung Hsiang, who died last month. Traffic was brought to a standstill as the convoy of colourful jeeps blasted loud music throughout the city centre.

As well as dancers, the procession featured a drumming troupe, marching band and giant puppets.

Videos of the procession circulated Chinese internet and social media, with users joking the city's residents were asking, "Please die one more time!"

Hiring dancers and strippers for funerals is reportedly not unusual in Taiwanese society. Some citizens practise a folk religion which believes in 'entertaining' spirits.

One expert said the funeral pole dancers combined traditions of using professional female waiters at funerals and holding public processions for religious holidays.