Four kids locked in car during Sydney heatwave

Four children locked in car during Sydney heatwave
Sydney's reached temperatures over 35degC for five days in a row (file)

Four children were rescued from a locked car in west Sydney as temperatures soared to more than 40degC.

The four children, aged six, seven, eight and nine, were seen abandoned and crying inside the hot vehicle outside an office supplies store in Bankston, witnesses told a local news station

When police and paramedics arrived, the driver of the vehicle, a 44-year-old woman, had already left.

Mercury levels reached 40.9degC on Wednesday during one of the city's longest ongoing heat waves in over two decades.

The kids were uninjured, but police warn that even on a typical summer day the temperature inside a car can reach 60degC - even with the windows down.

The driver was later found and taken to the Bankston police station.

She will appear in court next month charged with leaving a child in a motor vehicle causing emotional distress.