French kitesurfer 'circled' by shark in terrifying video

Drone footage has captured the moment a French woman kitesurfed just metres above a large great white shark in Western Australia.

The video, shot off the coast of the Fitzgerald River National Park, shows an ominous dark mass hovering not far beneath the water's surface as blogger Isabelle Fabre glides over it on her board.

In an explanation on her Facebook page, Ms Fabre said it took her a long time to work out that the black shadow under her was indeed a metres-long great white shark.

"At the beginning I tell myself it's the shadow of my kite - you know, the usual joke. After that, I think it's one of those dolphins who have the habit of getting out the fin right in front of you and making you have a heart attack," she said.

"But still this shadow, it's circling me, and it's bigger than my board. And just when it passes below I realise it's a great white shark."

Ms Fabre said as the wind was very light when she went out for a ride, which meant she had to keep making her "butt fall regularly in the water" to gather speed.

She said every time she did, she thought it would spell the end, and said she saw her life flash before her eyes "every time I spun and landed in the water".

Ms Fabre is a self-professed adventurer, and has a strong social media presence where she shares footage and images of her expeditions.