'Go to hell and die in hell' - alleged Melbourne car killer's parents disown him

  • 22/01/2017

Dimitrious "Jimmy" Gargasoulas' father has joined the 26-year-old's mother in revealing their shame over the horror wrought on Melbourne's busy Bourke Street by their son on Friday.

Chris Gargasoulas drove from his home in Coober Pedy to Melbourne after hearing of the incident, but made it clear that he wasn't there to support his son.

"Of course he's responsible, because people with a brain never do this sort of things, you know," he told 7 News.

"Especially inside of the city and do wheelies with his car, and I saw everything and I thought that I scratch him off my books.

"He's not the Jimmy I used to know from years back."

Gargasoulas' mother, Emily, said that she no longer wished to be associated with her son.

"I feel so ashamed and bad, you know," she said. "I don't want to be known that I'm the mother."

She went on to add: "Go to hell and die in hell."

Ms Gargasoulas said she witnessed the bloody fight between James and his younger brother Angelo on Friday, which erupted over Angelo's sexuality.

"Jimmy keeps saying to me, I'm going to kill all gays and poofters and lesbians," Ms Gargasoulas said.

Angelo was stabbed in the face, allegedly by his brother, before the shocking rampage through Melbourne's CBD on Friday.

Gargasoulas' pregnant girlfriend, Akiir Muo, claimed she was held hostage by her partner during his wild rampage, telling the Herald Sun he threatened to kill her if she didn't comply.

"He wasn't himself… he kept saying, 'I can't let you out of my sight, if you don't come with me I'm going to kill you,'" she said.

Forcing her into his car on Friday morning, Ms Muo said Gargasoulas became increasingly agitated when he realised he was being followed by unmarked police cars.

"He was driving really erratically... he kept saying it was the end of the world and how he planned to run over people in the city because the police were following us," Ms Muo said.

"As soon as he realised there was more police following us, he just went crazy... he kept saying he was God and he was going to kill lots of people."

After four hours as a hostage, Ms Muo claimed she was pushed out of the car by her boyfriend at around 11am.

She spent the next 10 hours being interviewed by police and was devastated to find out that he had killed people.

"When I found out he actually killed people I just went into shock. I started crying and thought, 'Jimmy what have you done'" Ms Muo said.

Dimitrious "Jimmy" Gargasoulas (AAP)
Dimitrious "Jimmy" Gargasoulas (AAP)

In his personal life, Gargasoulas dealt with bitter divisions, including the separation of his parents when he was a young boy.

He split up with the mother of his three children, while his current girlfriend is due to give birth to his third daughter in March.

Gargasoulas remains in hospital after he was shot in the arm by police after driving a Holden Commodore into crowds of shoppers in the city's CBD.

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