Greenpeace urges resistance against Trump with giant banner

Greenpeace activists have unfurled a giant banner that says "RESIST" from an 82 metre high crane at a construction site just blocks from the White House.

The protesters scaled the crane Wednesday morning (local time), before dangling down to open the massive banner.

The Greenpeace website says the group is calling for resistance to the Presidency of Donald Trump and his agenda.

“The activists are calling for those who want to resist Trump's attacks on environmental, social, economic and educational justice to contribute to a better America” it reads.

In an open statement, the activists say they are prepared to stay in position to reach as many people as possible through live broadcasts on ther Facebook page, tweets, and media interviews.

 “People in this country are ready to resist and rise up in ways they have never done before,” said activist and Greenpeace chairperson Karen Topakian.

 “While Trump’s disdain and disrespect for our democratic institutions scare me, I am so inspired by the multigenerational movement of progress that is growing in every state.

“Greenpeace has used nonviolence to resist tyrannical bullies since 1971, and we’re not going to stop now.”