Kangaroo attacks woman, 'rips her to pieces'

Warning: this article contains graphic images

A Melbourne jogger has been mauled by an angry kangaroo as she went on her morning run.

Debbie Urquhart, 54, said the kangaroo attacked her at about 6am on Saturday morning (local time), repeatedly kicking her, ripping her clothes and throwing her around "like a rag doll".

Mrs Urquhart, a personal trainer, attempted to crawl away from the kangaroo, but "he just kept on kicking into me". She eventually escaped by playing dead, running away as soon as the kangaroo left her alone. 

Screaming and covered in blood, she had to run about 500m to her home, where her husband rushed her to the emergency department.

Debbie Urquhart in hospital after kangaroo attack

Mrs Urquhart said she was terrified the kangaroo was going to "come back and kill me" as she ran. 

"He just ripped me to pieces" she told News.com.au.

While she has miraculously no broken bones from the attack, she needed more than 30 stitches across her body.

close-ups of the kangaroo inflicted injuries

But it's the memories that have left the worst pain.

"Every time I close my eyes it's pretty vivid, it's horrible," she said.

Kangaroos are incredibly powerful and have attacked people in the past. Last month, incredible footage emerged of a man punching a kangaroo to free his dog.