Kansas policeman narrowly avoids skidding truck

  • 17/01/2017

A US state trooper has reacted quickly to evade what would have been a very serious crash after a large semi-trailer truck slipped across both lanes on a Kansas road.

Bill Poland, who has been in law enforcement for more than three decades, managed to avoid the vehicle by going as far on the right side as he could without his car falling into a ditch.

After pulling over to get his bearings, Trooper Poland then turned his attentions to the truck driver, who was uninjured in the incident.

In a Facebook post, his colleague Tod Hileman said the truck was simply driving too quickly for the conditions, which caused it to lose control and nearly hit Trooper Poland's car.

As it is the heart of winter in the US, ice is commonplace on roads and Trooper Hileman said people across the country should slow down and gauge road conditions "mile by mile".