Is this the world's most luxurious motorhome?

If the housing crisis is getting you down, perhaps you've thought about setting your sights on a mobile home instead. 

The new Furrion Elysium RV unveiled this month in Las Vegas might be a little out of reach though, it will set you back NZ$4.8 million. 

More like a mansion on wheels, the luxury vehicle has a lounge area, a fully-equipped kitchen with a wine fridge and induction cooktop, and a weather-proof 75 inch television. 

If you're getting chilly there's a steam room and a fireplace to warm you up. 

But if you need some fresh air, just head upstairs where on the roof there's lounge area with a hot tub, an audio system - and a two-seater helicopter to get a bird's eye view of your holiday location. 

Furrion is a renowned specialist manufacturer of appliances and consumer electronics for the RV and yachting industries.