Man killed by 3.5m crocodile while crossing Australia's 'Alligator River'

  • 20/01/2017
Cahill's Crossing in Northern Territory Australia where a man was killed by a crocodile
Cahill's Crossing is notoriously dangerous because of animals but also strong currents (Angela Maple/Google)

A man has been killed by a crocodile while crossing a notoriously dangerous river in Australia's Northern Territory.

Police described the man's actions as foolish, ABC reports.

The river itself is called East Alligator River, and it is well-known that crocodiles live in the area.

The 47-year-old man, believed to have lived in a rural community, was at Cahill's Crossing with two women around 4:00pm on Thursday.

The trio tried to make their way across the concrete platform, designed for four-wheel drive access, when the man was attacked by the 3.5m crocodile which killed him.

"Cahill's Crossing is notorious for crocodiles and to walk across it to me is just foolishness," NT Police Duty Superintendent Bob Harrison said.