Man mauled to death at Chinese zoo

tiger attacking man at zoo in China

A tiger has been shot and killed after mauling a man to death in front of his horrified wife and child at a zoo in China.  

The man, who was a tourist, was attacked when he climbed into the enclosure in the zoo in Ningbo, south of Shanghai, according to Chinese media. 

He was dragged back into the enclosure by the tiger, who was flanked by two other big cats. Zoo staff attempted to scare the tigers away with fire crackers, but eyewitnesses have reported it took almost an hour to rescue the man. 

He was rushed to hospital but did not survive. The tiger was also killed. 

It is still unclear as to why he climbed past the barriers into the enclosure.

Gruesome photos and videos of the attack are now circulating online. 

In July 2016, another tiger attack in a Chinese zoo made international headlines. A woman was mauled after she got out of her car at Badaling Wildlife World. Her mother, who attempted to rescue her daughter, was also killed.