Meet Pearl - the albino alligator

An albino alligator is causing a ripple of excitement around the world after becoming the main attraction at a US theme park.

Florida attraction park Gatorland is proudly showing off its star reptile Pearl, who is quickly becoming an internet sensation.  

"Pearl is 10 years old and very popular at Gatorland, she came to us when she was one-years-old" a spokesman for the sanctuary said. 

The snow-white alligator is definitely not your usual gator, standing at seven feet, weighing 48kg with bright white skin and pink eyes. 

Albino alligators are incredibly rare, with just a handful known to exist. Due to their white-skin, they can be easily spotted in the wild and therefore are more likely to survive in a wildlife preserve.

Only around three in every million alligators are born with this genetic default.