Meet the baby-faced 9yo who could beat you up

Evnika Saadvakass was born in Kazakhstan (Instagram)
Evnika Saadvakass was born in Kazakhstan (Instagram)

Normally, when you come face to face with a nine-year-old you would consider them harmless.

Well, turns out you should be afraid of this youngster, Evnika Saadvakass from Kazakhstan.

Video has emerged of her training in the wilderness of Russia, punching a tree that has been seen nearly 300,000 times on Instagram.

Miss Saadvakass has being a boxer since she was three-years-old. Her father Rustam has posted numerous videos showing his daughter's strength including one of her throwing more than 100 punches in a minute.

Mr Saadvakass said in an online Q&A that "I believe that Evnika is more than just a talented person, she has incredible charisma, it feels when you look at her, she's very perceptive."