Mongrel Mob presence grows in Darwin

Mongrel Mob members in Australia Facebook
(Mongrel Mob Australia Facebook)

Local authorities are concerned after a chapter of the Mongrel Mob has started up unexpectedly in Darwin. 

Mongrel Mob has always been one of New Zealand's most violent and famous gangs, and now a newly established chapter has been pictured partying and wearing the gang's patches up in the remote Northern Australian Territory.

Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Stringer told RadioLIVE this afternoon they had been aware of the gang's presence for about five months, with about 20 or 30 members thought to be in the area.

There are three main outlaw motorcycle gangs in Darwin - The Banditos, The Rebels and Hells Angels. Det Snr Sgt Stringer said each state had its own legislation surrounding gangs. In Darwin it's prohibited to wear gang paraphernalia in licenced premises, as many of the members have been.  

He said he believed the Mongrel Mob had chosen Darwin to establish a chapter due to family ties. 

"The Mongrel Mob is largely an ethnic gang and it's intergenerational, where you'll have families over years that become involved," he said. 

He believes the large Maori and Pacific Island population in Darwin means members are likely to have family there. 

He said police were monitoring the situation; however, "it's early days at this stage".

"Largely we'll be watching what they do and any criminal offences that are committed we'll deal with them."

Earlier this month New Zealand Police made multiple arrests at the funeral of a Mongrel Mob member after shots were fired at the procession on its way to the crematorium.